Cody is a 12 month old male Terrier Cross. He currently resides in Romania. He is kennel cough-vaccinated, blood tested, neutered, and microchipped. And Flea and worm treated.

Cody will travel on approved transport to their home address. Cody was found abandoned in Romania in really poor condition.

Cody has spent some months in a private shelter getting better and stronger and is now healthy and ready to find a family.

Cody had shown no behaviours whilst in rescue. He is nice with people and has no issues with male and female dogs. Cody has no bite history whilst being in rescue.

Cody isn’t accustomed to living in a home so will need some support with this. He has been practising on the lead. Exercise should not be too highly fixated upon any of our dogs entering their new home.

We need them to feel safe and secure with being in new surroundings before introducing them to any further, overwhelming stimuli. Allow them to explore their surroundings for a few days before taking them on outside walks.

Introduce walks down the street so they build a scent circle and work your way up to a further walk over time. Cody has shown no unwanted or aggressive behaviour towards new people.

Cody is fine with male and female dogs. No cats, please. Cody is happy to be handled. He has shown no issues around food and no known allergies. Adopters must recognise that they may be agitated in the first few days of moving into a new home with strange routines and people.

Allowing them time to decompress and acclimatise to their new surroundings is critical to help support them. Increase their alone time in a little amount of time. Set your boundaries from the start so they don’t become confused.

Resident and visiting Children of 9+ years. No issues visiting the vet or being handled, No health issues found, blood tests negative.

Adopters should be mindful of their actions and expectations, as well as be aware of the dog’s body language during any potentially stressful interactions. Do not expect to bring home a fully adjusted dog who will require little training from you.

Autor Meadow of Hope Dog Rescue


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