Bailey is a 2 year old female Lurcher Cross. She is about 25″ to the shoulder. Bailey is used to being crated and can be left for short periods (up to 3 hours maximum) and is housetrained.

Bailey walks nicely on a lead and is okay off-lead in a secure environment.

Like most lurchers, she will chase squirrels, rabbits, cats etc if they run. She is NOT suitable to live with cats.

Bailey is fine with other lurchers and is currently sharing her kennel with another (male) dog. Bailey knows “sit”, “wait” and “stay”.

Bailey can be noisy when travelling in a car! Bailey was originally rehomed by Lurcher Link a year ago but has now been returned to us because she was “snapping and growling” at the young child in the household.

Because of this, she cannot be rehomed with young children; although she could be rehomed with sensible older teenage children who knew to give her space and leave her in peace if she does not want to be fussed or bothered Neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

Bailey is at LURCHER LINK RESCUE, near Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Lurcher Link Rescue

Lurcher Link Rescue

For further details regarding dogs available for adoption from Lurcher Link, please email

Lurcher Link is a specialist Lurcher rescue, set up in 2003. We have a small kennel block that can house up to 18 dogs and a small, shaded exercise pen, which is fully secure with 8-foot fences. More dogs are in foster care. We rehome to anywhere in the UK.

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