Happy Cat World Domination Day! As you may have noticed, the theme this year is 1960s hippie. And as you also may have noticed, I’ve already started partying. I’ve got my catmint tea and a big spliff.

Somali cat checking out package of Meowijuana catnip joints

Don’t worry, it’s not that silly human stuff. These are fine grade Meowijuana joints (affiliate link). I have enough to go around!

My human put together a playlist for you too, but it’s not your typical group of 60s tunes. Instead of just the biggest hits, she included songs of popular 60s artists that highlighted the 60s hippie/counterculture/acid attitude of the day.

If you can’t reach it on YouTube, here’s the playlist on Spotify:

Somali cat with 1960s party food cat catering

If you get the munchies, don’t worry, I’ve totally got you covered!

Catmint tea and quiche

I have lots of the catmint tea, and some yummy quiche.

Fried shrimp and chicken a la king

I also have fried shrimp and the main course is chicken a la king. But just wait for dessert!

Somali cat with tongue out over salmon catnip cookies

These look like granola cookies, but they are anything but! They’re homemade salmon catnip cookies, and my human and I made them just for this party! I’ll have a video with the recipe soon.

Somali cat about to take a bite of salmon catnip cookie

They were pretty good the day they came out of the oven, but they are even better the next day, like all good recipes. Did I mention they are filled with catnip? And salmon!

Somali cat with Cat World Domination Day prizes

And of course I have a giveaway! I have some fun catnip toys for you, and a crinkly mat. And tasty treats! And even a couple of nice things for the humans. To enter, just comment on my blog post, and then say you did in the Rafflecopter widget below! The winner will be chosen randomly on July 5. Good luck!

Peach cat on table with party decorations

Oh, look who showed up late to the party!

Peach cat rolling on grass

He stole as much catmint as he could before my human brought it back into the house. It’s a good thing he is not driving. I think everybody will be flying home from this party!

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