It’s time to announce Cat World Domination Day 2023! The same way nations celebrate their birthdays, we cats get to celebrate our world domination every year. And this time, June 24 falls on a Caturday, so everybody can celebrate and stay out late!

I have plans, but I can’t quite reveal them yet…so let’s look at some of our past parties.

Somali cat in party dress having a garden party

In 2018, I had a garden party! It was fun and casual.

Somali cat in kimono with tongue out

I had a Japanese tea party in 2019! My human kept the decor for soy sauce and saki. I think it was better used for catnip tea.

Somali cat with 80s decor

I didn’t let the pandemic spoil my party plans in 2020. Not only did I throw an 80s themed party, I even had a playlist (put together by an 80s expert, i.e., my human) to go with it!

Somali cat on a home gambling table

The next year, I had a gambling party! That was loads of fun. I still have my hat and tiny blackjack table.

Somali cat in dress on hind legs at disco party

Last year, I had a fun disco party! With a soundtrack that got everyone dancing!

Somali cat excited about Cat World Domination Day 2023

As always, I’ll have a fun giveaway, along with the party to celebrate cat world domination. And this year, I’m going to try to go live on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook! So that way, nearly all my social media followers get a chance to hang out with me in real time.

So make sure you mark your calendars!

Did you have a favorite Cat World Domination Day party? If so, let me know in the comments.

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