Plus an update on the Bandito/Slinky wars.


1/5000, f/6.3, ISO 1000, Canon R5, Canon EF500mm f/4L IS II USM + 1.4 tc, not baited, set up or called in

Ten days ago along the access road to Bear River MBR this Black-crowned Night Heron was hunting in the same area as the Great Egret and Great Blue Heron I posted photos of a week ago today. It may not look like it but this bird was actually walking quite rapidly toward another Black-crowned Night Heron and the two of them eventually had a confrontation but I missed photographing it because I was concentrating on other birds.

I chose to post this photo out of many because I like the position of ‘his’ right foot as he’s walking and because his white head plumes are actually hanging on this side of the bird where we can see them. When I photograph this species the plumes always seem to be on the wrong side.


Now for a change of pace.


It’s been a week since I hung a Slinky from my bird feeder pole in an attempt to discourage Bandito, the neighborhood thieving fox squirrel, from climbing up the pole, hanging from my feeder, and eating all of my expensive bird seed. In this situation, Slinky’s sometimes work and sometimes they don’t.

It’s time for a progress report.



Since I hung the Slinky I’ve seen Bandito eating fallen bird seed below the feeder at least once every day (these photos were taken through my dirty window). Sometimes I’ve seen him at the base of my feeder two or three times daily, but since I hung the Slinky I’ve never once seen him on my feeder or even attempt to climb the pole. He seems mostly content to eat the ‘scraps’ below the feeder and leave the actual feeder alone.

I’m almost certain that he attempted to climb the pole, probably multiple times, when I wasn’t looking and eventually just gave up. I wish I’d seen his climbing attempts for their entertainment value but I’m more than satisfied with the results. So far.



At times he seems frustrated by his new circumstances. Better him than me.



Truth in advertising: These last two photos were taken the day before I hung the Slinky but the results I’ve reported are accurate.


Autor Ron Dudley


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