My human took me outside, which was already fun, but she had something special to share with me!

Somali cat looking at almost empty container of chicken

It was leftover chicken! She got some plain chicken at the store a few days ago, and didn’t have enough left for a meal today. So she decided to share some with me as a snack. It was my lucky day!

Somali cat gazing at a piece of chicken

I couldn’t wait to dig in. But of course I had to wait because there were photos to be taken.

Somali cat devouring chicken held by human hand

I got pretty excited about it all.

Somali cat with tongue out after eating chicken

Maybe you’re wondering if the peach kitty got to be part of my chicken picnic. Well, sort of!

Peach cat looking over wall

He showed up, but weirdly enough, he didn’t really want any! My human put some on the wall and he came right up, but he was too nervous to take it. So she tossed it a little farther away and he sniffed it but he seemed suspicious. Maybe he thought my human had spiked it. That was fine — more for me!

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