I have lots of fun photos for you this week! Starting with my turret stairs shot, where I just couldn’t contain my joy.

Somali cat in turret, looking up

Okay, so my excitement wore off pretty quickly. Happens when you think your human is scrimping on the treats.

Somali cat sitting up awkwardly

Here’s another “what was my human thinking when she took this?” photo! I look like I’m about to pose for a lineup.

Somali cat on front steps, looking up expectantly

Yes, I do have a habit of walking off the set in the middle of a photo session. Sometimes I need to discuss things with the photographer.

Somali cat clinging to cat toy containers at pet shop

I went to the pet shop the other day, but my human didn’t get enough good photos for a blog post. She did, however, get this photo of me clinging desperately to one of the boxes of cat toys on display.

Somali cat on hind legs, sniffing cat toy

This must have worked, because my human got me a cat toy while we were there!

I hope my outtakes (and bonuses) made you smile today! If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.

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Funday Outtakes (Plus Bonus)


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