It’s cat show time again! It’s a close one, in Glendale, and pretty relaxed. So for my wardrobe this time around, I figured I’d pick some casual favorites.

Somali cat wearing Queen of Everything dress

The exception (there’s always an exception!) being my Queen of Everything dress. I wanted to bring it to this show because I’m wearing it in the YouTube ad that features me.

Somali cat wearing a pretty red cherry dress

The rest of what I’m bringing is sunny and casual, like this red cherry dress, which is one of my favorites.

Somali cat wearing a dress

And this cute, rustic dress, that makes me look like I’m ready for a barn dance.

Somali cat wearing a red gingham dress

And my red gingham dress, which is one of my wardrobe staples.

Somali cat wearing a pink boa with paw raised

To be honest, I hardly ever wear everything I bring! But it’s fun to go through everything and have several choices on hand. I know most of you reading this aren’t local to Glendale, CA, so I hope I have the time to go live on at least one or two of my social media channels (TikTok, Instagram and Facebook). So maybe I will see you on Caturday one way or another!

Here are other times I had to pick out wardrobes:

Getting My Wardrobe Ready for Glendale

Autor Summer Samba


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