I saw a lot of nice kids at the children’s hospital on this therapy cat visit. My human was at a disadvantage for the first two exam room visits. They spoke no English whatsoever, and she only speaks a smidgen of Spanish.

The first kid was a young boy who was missing most of one leg. I sat next to him for photos, while he chatted up a storm. In Spanish, and all my human could understand was “gatita.” What can I say? Everyone understands kitty, even if nothing else can be translated.

The second patient, an older girl, sat in a wheelchair, with her braces set to one side. The challenge with wheelchair bound patients is getting me close to them, since I’m not that good being a lap cat. So my human sat me on a rolling stool to bring me over. The girl’s mom was even able to spin me around for pictures.

Another interesting thing I get to do is let kids pet me with hands that are different. One of the first times I went to this hospital, a boy with metal hooks for hands petted me. On this visit, I spent time with a toddler with deformed hands and feet. She was a bright, happy girl who loved petting me with her two fingers. My human got a really sweet photo of the two of us on the Polaroid-style camera our organization gives us to use.

The last girl, a teen, was so excited to see me and pet me. We were only there a few minutes before the doctor came in with an x-ray and good news about her spine. I don’t know what the news was because my human and I left so they could discuss it in private, but everyone seemed happy.

We spent some time in the lobby before signing out, visiting with a few kids. One was a boy who was feigning disinterest in me… but we visited with him anyway, and I think he enjoyed it.

Like I said, I met a lot of nice kids today.

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Happy Therapy Cat Visit at the Children\'s Hospital

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