On a freezing day in February, a man saw something odd outside of his home. 

It was the limp body of an orange tabby cat. The poor thing was frozen solid, but suddenly he noticed that one of her little paws moved. This kitty was still alive.

 This good samaritan immediately took the cat inside in a desperate attempt to bring her back.

There wasn’t much hope for her survival, but he wasn’t ready to give up on her just yet.


“We found a kitten on my porch in February. The temperature was below freezing for weeks and had wind chills below 0 degrees F. Elsa was frozen to the point that only a paw was moving the slightest bit. I wasn’t sure if there was any hope…”

After the bath, he wrapped her in a warm blanket. Elsa was still not moving very much, but she seemed to appreciate being pampered.


When she had regained some of her strength she began to slowly move around.

And after a while she began to drink a little bit.


Nobody knew how the kitty got there in the first place or how she managed to get in such a state. He named her Elsa, which is the perfect name for this formerly frozen kitty. Thank goodness he found her just in time!

Watch the video:


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