Have you ever seen a kitty that could totally rock the goalkeeper stance?

Say hello to Keys, the one and only GoalKitty!

This charming feline with dainty white whiskers resides under the sunny skies of California with her buddy, Peter.

goalkitty 6

Little did Peter realize that his precious cat, besides her striking black and white coat, had a hidden talent.

goalkitty 10

Imagine his surprise when he spotted Keys mimicking a goalkeeper by raising her paws overhead!

Without missing a beat, he snapped a picture.

goalkitty 8

And guess what? She did it again, and again!

Peter soon caught on that this wasn’t just a one-time fluke.

goalkitty 7

To encourage her newfound talent, Peter began treating Keys with her favorite snack, which just happens to be coconut oil, every time she showcased her signature “goalie stretch.” 

goalkitty 5

Nowadays, the sight of a camera or the sound of Peter’s whistle prompts her iconic pose.

goalkitty 9

Keys made quite the splash online way back in 2016 when someone posted:

“So my friend’s cat does this…”

goalkitty 3

Before they knew it, she was not just a goalkeeper in the meme world…

goalkitty 16

But also a football star…

goalkitty 12
goalkitty 15

And even DiCaprio’s Oscar!

goalkitty 14

At home, she’s the star with her fur-siblings, Goose and Hachi, who are totally in awe of her fame. 

goalkitty 11

Want to see more of her antics? Check out her Instagram

Thousands of fans tune in daily to see what this four-pawed superstar is up to.

goalkitty 1

GoalKitty is capturing hearts and serving giggles, one adorable pose at a time!

goalkitty 2

Put your paws in the air if you love Goalkitty!

goalkitty 13

What an adorable and delightful kitty she is.

Check out the video below:

 You can keep up with GoalKitty’s poses and adventures on Instagram

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