Just like us humans, cats also have different personalities. Some cats are very playful while others prefer to spend most of their time sleeping.

For the owner of one particular cat called Milo, his cat keeps on baffling him every day.

Milo the cat is a bit different, instead of hunting and bringing home things like mice and birds, he likes to hunt sponges!

And by all accounts he looks very proud of his achievement.

“Some cats bring home mice or birds, ours brings home sponges,” explained his human on Reddit. And he has done this many, many times.

His humans are naturally baffled about this. He’s done this multiple times.

One time his human dad heard meowing outside and when he looked out the window he saw this:


When asked where their fur-ball could be hunting these wild sponges, his dad replied: “I think we have some very confused neighbors!”

He simply won’t stop. When he’s not outside hunting sponges, Milo loves to hang out with his humans.


Maybe he’s trying to tell them something with all these sponges, like, please clean the house!

Is he implying that his humans are dirty? Who knows. All I know is – it’s really really cute!


Autor Jan Travell


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