Every so often I work with a brand to do a video for something of theirs. Recently, I got an offer from someone on TikTok for a video featuring this guy.

Somali cat on bed with orange plush cat pillow

We shot in several locations!

Somali cat relaxing on the bed with orange cat plush pillow

At one point I thought I’d stretch out and relax…but my human saw it as a photo and video opportunity!

Somali cat on wooden bench with orange cat plushie

Honestly, I was totally happy to take photos with my new friend. My human devoted the better part of the day to doing photos and videos of the two of us together.

Somali cat relaxing next to plush cat pillow

And if you thought I went on to ignore him once we were done…here I am hanging out with him the next day! My human left him on the bench and was surprised to see me there. I never hang out on this bench normally.

If you’re interested in this cute orange cat plush pillow, he’s available on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/4435HBg. (As you know, we’re Amazon affiliates and get a small commission whenever you make a purchase through one of our links.) And if you want to see the video and you’re not on TikTok, let me know! If enough people are interested, I’ll post it for the blog too.

Here I am with some other plushies:

My New Plush Friend

Autor Summer Samba


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