Lots of you guys wanted to see the video of me and the orange plush kitty pillow, so I am sharing it with you today! But first, I have a fun announcement to make: I’m now on Cameo!

If you don’t know what Cameo is, it’s a platform where you can get a personalized video from a celebrity! People use it for birthdays, holidays, and stuff like that. My human noticed that there were a number of cat influencers in their roster, so she filled out an application for me. It took quite a few months, but I’ve been accepted into their program!

This is really fun because I have so much wardrobe and festive costumes too. Plus sets like Club Meow and my turret. So if you want to do something fun for a special occasion, look me up there!

You can see the video of me and the orange plush cat below. I hope you like it! Let me know what you think.

Here I am with some other fake critters:

Autor Summer Samba


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