My human is putting more short videos together, and she decided to do one on how to train a cat to sit up. She thought it would be really simple to make.

Somali cat looking up at treat with tongue out

Of course, when it comes to video, nothing is ever simple! Especially for someone who went to film school for five minutes and worked on a bunch of films and commercials in the 1980s. But that was fine by me. After all, I got well rewarded for my time.

Somali cat reaching for a treat

She is very particular. I had to be centered in the shot. She needed room at the top of the frame for when I sit up. I couldn’t walk toward the camera to sit up, I had to do it on my “mark.” It wound up being way more complicated than you would ever think.

Somali cat sitting up

She took photos along the way, as you can see. And she got a rare decent photo of my sitting up practice! You’ll probably see the actual video on Monday. Unless you’re on TikTok — then you will probably see it sooner.

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My Sit Up Photo Session


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