To increase your French bulldog’s lifespan, pay attention to diet, exercise, visit the vet regularly and spend time with your dog.

French bulldogs, also known as Frenchies, are a popular dog breed. These dogs are not only affectionate but also super easy to manage.

Their small size makes it easy to look after them. Plus, it also contributes to the breed’s longer lifespan compared to larger dogs.

However, any mishandling or lack of care may compromise their lifespan. So, here we’ve compiled seven practical tips to help you increase your French bulldog’s lifespan.

How long do French bulldogs live?

On average, a French bulldog lives up to 10 to 13 years. However, their exact lifespan depends on three factors, including:

  • Genetics
  • Breeding
  • Lifestyle

While you cannot control genetics and breeding (especially if you’re keeping a French bulldog for the first time), you can influence the lifestyle you give your pup. A good lifestyle that meets your dog’s natural needs will help you elongate your furry pal’s life.

Ensuring a completely healthy lifestyle in all domains is a subject of great detail.

But if you seek a quick guide, scroll down to read seven practical tips that can help you upgrade your French bulldog’s lifestyle and increase its lifespan.

Tip #1. Pay attention to your dog’s diet

Frenchies have a stocky built. And hence, they are more susceptible to weight gain. For that reason, you’ve to be very careful with their diet. Feed them a high-fiber diet and avoid giving them too many weight-gaining treats. Note that they may develop issues like obesity, soft bones, and heart issues in case of excessive weight gain.

Tip #2. Visit the vet regularly 

When bringing in your pup, make sure you use a reputable vet. You can take references from friends or browse through the list of top veterinarians in your local area. Read reviews from their regular clients to determine their performance.

In your pup’s early days, you need to take him in for vaccines. But as your dog grows, make sure you take them to the vet now and then for regular checkups. It may help you identify any underlying or developing issue that may not be visible on the surface.

Tip #3. Use organic cleaning products

French bulldogs have a curious nature. Hence, it is terrible to use cleaning products with hazardous chemicals in them. Your pup may lick or inhale these chemicals and damage their health.

So, you should either keep all your cleaning products locked up in a cupboard. Or switch to organic products permanently.

Tip #4. Spend time with them

French bulldog puppy rides in a stroller. To extend your French bulldog's lifespan, spend more time with your dog.
To extend your French bulldog’s lifespan, spend more time with your dog.

Nothing cheers pups more than your attention. So, prioritize spending time with your French bulldog and shower him with love and care. Studies prove affectionate upbringing leads to a more significant release of happy chemicals and gives your dog a sense of fulfillment. This, in turn, keeps them healthy and increases your French bulldog’s lifespan.

Tip #5. Keep them hydrated

Dogs lose water pretty much like ourselves every single day. If they’re exceptionally physically active, they may be losing more water. If the spent amount of water is not replaced with a newer supply, your dog may dehydrate and develop health issues. So, ensure that your Frenchie consumes at least one ounce of water for each pound they weigh.

Tip #6. Keep physical activity in check

Lazy dogs are prone to health issues and experience negative emotions. Dogs are generally playful.

So, schedule daily walks for your French bulldog. Take him to dog parks or play fetch-the-ball with him yourself. Physical activities also stimulate mental activity and keep your dogs mentally and physically busy and healthy.

Tip #7. Spay or neuter your dog

Spaying or neutering refers to the removal of your dog’s reproductive organs. It’s a surgical process. Studies prove that male neutered dogs had a 13.8 percent longer lifespan than non-neutered dogs. Female neutered dogs have a 26.3 percent longer lifespan. The study included 70,000 subjects.

Final thoughts on extending your French bulldog’s lifespan

Increasing your French bulldog’s lifespan is all about giving your pup proper care. Even if you haven’t got the time and energy to go the extra mile, you only have to dedicate yourself to providing proper maintenance, and that will be enough!

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