compiles pet info from rescue websites nationwide into one spot for an easy search by breed, location, and more. compiles pet info on rescue and dog shelter websites nationwide into one spot for an easy search by breed, location, and more.

The website compiles pet information on rescue websites across the country into one spot for an easy search by breed, location, and more.

Lately, I’ve had many friends reach out to me and ask me how to find the animal they seek in a shelter or from a rescue group.

With hundreds of foster programs, breed rescues, and shelters in Colorado (and most communities), it can be hard to know where to start. And indeed, no one expects you to visit dozens of places alone.

Enter! This is probably one of my favorite partnership ideas of all time because this is a website that does only good.

PetFinder pulls all the animals from rescue websites across the country into one place and makes the information searchable by location, type of animal, animal behavior and age, human preferences, and more.

Start at

Let’s say you’re looking for a young or newborn Belgian Shepherd, Laekenois (although I had never heard of the breed, they are gorgeous dogs).

In searching for this exotic and rare breed, you also want this Belgian Shepard Laekenois to be a female, be a dog that will like your kids, and get along with your family’s cats.

On, you can narrow your search on any or all of these criteria, and if you do so, you’ll find Sissy might be the perfect pup for you! pulls together more than 12,000 rescue organizations nationwide and is a bank of more than 215,000 animals searching for forever homes. The number of homeless animals is staggering.

While it doesn’t even come close to accounting for all of the homeless animals in our country, it indicates the importance of adopting animals. And it helps place family dogs like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, and Cocker Spaniels.

Available dogs and cats

You can find any dog breed up for adoption; this site is proof.

Plus, not only is rescuing a good animal karma, but another perk of adoption is that you can get a great dog and spend less than if you purchased that designer dog from a breeder or store.

For example:

  • The most expensive dog ever sold was a Tibetan Mastiff, which sold for $1.5 million in March 2011 … there are nine Tibetan Mastiffs listed on available for adoption, ranging from $100-200 in adoption fees.
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are the second most expensive dog breed and range from $1,000 to $14,000 from breeders … there are 189 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels available for adoption on
  • Samoyeds are the third most expensive breed, ranging from $4,000-$11,000 per dog … there are 87 purebred and mixed breed Samoyed dogs on PetFinder.
  • Creating awareness

What I love most about this site is the awareness it creates.

Final thoughts on using PetFinder has 175,000 dogs to search through — dogs of all breeds, ages, and temperaments.

The site also educates visitors, provides information about all dog breeds on the site, and shares resources and articles to help prepare people for being pet owners, making it a great place to send people in your life who aren’t sure what they are looking for in a pet.

Whether you’re looking for hybrid dogs, purebred dogs, or mixed breed dogs, chances are good Petfinder can help you find the right dog to bring home.

So, next time someone mentions they are looking for an adoptable pet, encourage them to adopt and use as a research tool.

And, if you’re like me, you’ll enjoy just checking out the amazing animals in your area and trying to find them a good home.

Tiana Nelson is the president and COO of PawsCo, a 501(c)3 animal welfare organization based in Denver, Colorado.

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