I was out of my dinner food, and it was already 4 in the afternoon! So my human and I headed for the pet store. Of course, I stopped by the cat toy section first.

Somali cat excitedly sniffing cat toys at pet store

There were all sorts of interesting new toys in stock!

playful Somali cat at pet store

It was playtime at the pet store for me!

Somali cat on table next to pet beds

I did pause briefly by some pet beds but not for long.

Somali cat looking at catnip cat toy display at pet store

But then I found the catnip cat toy display! I had so much fun taking whiffs of everything.

Somali cat standing in the catnip cat toy display

I even found myself in the cat toy display at one point!

Somali cat sitting on checkout counter of pet store

My human said we had to get the food and get home. The employee at checkout said I was very polite when I sat on the counter. I guess she didn’t see my free-for-all in the cat toy section!

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Playtime at the Pet Store


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