I got to spend some quality time out front yesterday afternoon. We are going to have a heat wave the rest of the week, so it will probably be too hot for me to go out. But I got to enjoy the nice weather for about an hour before dinnertime.

Somali cat on leash in grass in front yard

Hanging out on the grass is always pleasant, and I love to dance and make happy paws on the lawn.

Somali cat sitting on walkway of front yard

Sometimes I want to stay in the yard, but on days like today, I like to wander. So I went down the walkway and posed for a few photos.

Somali cat with long shadow behind her

You can tell how late in the afternoon it was by this photo.

Happy Somali cat on leash on curb

Then I walked along the curb over to the other side of the house. I got to chase a crane fly! But my human wasn’t fast enough to catch any photos of that, so you will just have to take my word for it.

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Spending Time Out Front, and Posing


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