Until a few days ago, I hadn’t photographed a single Yellow-crowned Night Heron in almost fourteen years. I photographed this one at Sequoyah NWR in Oklahoma. The last one I photographed was on July 5, 2009 at the north beach of Fort De Soto three days before I hit the road to move to Utah.

Yellow-crowned Night Heron perched in a tree – Canon R7, f7.1, 1/500, ISO 12,800, Canon RF 100-500mm at 500m, natural light

The day I photographed this night heron at the refuge there were two in the same area. I was so excited to see this wading bird species once again. I could wish this bird had been perched closer to me than what it was but I won’t. Also, I could wish that the light had been better than what it was so my ISO wouldn’t have been so high. The fact is, I was simply delighted to have this night heron in my viewfinder.

In total I have seen three Yellow-crowned Night Herons at the refuge. Those three birds broke a dry spell for me with this species of night herons. I hope I don’t go fourteen years without seeing them again. Fingers crossed.

The night heron species I see in northern Utah are the year-round resident Black-crowned Night Herons. I find them most often in the marshes surrounding the Great Salt Lake.

This particular bird was found at a slough in Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge, which is surrounded by river bottomland hardwood forests. The slough is not far from the Arkansas River.

I have thoroughly enjoyed exploring Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge, observing the various eastern bird species, photographing many of them, and appreciating the diverse wildlife in the area. Sharing it all with a dear friend?

That is what is called priceless.

Life is good.


Click here to see more of my Yellow-crowned Night Heron photos plus facts and information about this species.

Autor Mia McPherson


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